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Mahina LED Moonlight Pro *PREORDER*


6-week wait shipping time on all lights.

Shipping out at the beginning of October 2022. 


  • Full 360° coverage 
  • Double pivot allows for easy mobility
  • Adjustable in height
  • 2 Adjustable warm and cool color temperatures
  • Constructed of durable heavy metal
  • Media clip


This is a moon (Mahina) light that provides all around lighting with a 360° rotatable head to ensure no shadows. Our double pivot allows the light to glide away from your client/workspace when not in use. It's both adjustable in height and brightness with two color temperatures. Great for salons, tattoo artists, makeup artists, photographers and much more. With an added bonus we have included a media clip that allows you to keep consistent angles while filming and giving you easy access to your phone at all times.

correct way to use

Please be sure to use the light and frame in the same direction to maximize the stabilization.