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Course Fee: $200

Do you already lift but want to switch to the best lash lift product on the market? Elleebana now offers an online Elleebana lash lift conversion course! Purchase your training now and AMAZE your clients with Elleebana Lash Lifts.

Must hold a professional license to take this course.

Eligible Students: In order to complete our online Elleebana lash lift conversion course, the student will need to have a pre-existing knowledge and understanding of lash lift application. They will need to have trained with another brand or training facility (provide certificate) and have a well-developed knowledge of the following:

•  Eye anatomy
•  Hair and lash structure.
•  Client/technician well being and self-care
•  Health, safety and sanitation
•  Eye shapes and face considerations when performing a lash lift

 Student will receive an Elleebana 5 pack of One Shot Lash Lift Sachets and an Elleebana Original Lash Lift Glue as part of this package.

If you do not feel confident or qualified and/or do not meet these requirements, please do not purchase this course. You can be fully trained with our complete online Elleebana lash lift conversion course. 

***Student's certificate will be reviewed by Elleebana HQ and must be approved in order to take the course***