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Elleeplex Brow Lamination Course Pack for Trainers

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This is the required Profusion Brow Lamination Course Pack that accompanies the manual and Profusion starter kit for all Profusion Brow Lamination Courses in one easy bundle!


Elleeplex Aftercare Mascara

Doe Foot applicators

Wonder Wands

Disposable Mascara Wands

ALL 3 of our Precision Brow Pencil colors (Deep Warm Brown, Dark Ash Brown and Light Ash Brown) 



It’s a great idea to offer this course pack on your websites for trainers who purchase from you. If it is on a public page of your website, please just rename it so that customers aren’t purchasing a “Course Pack” thinking they are getting a course with it. If you have a separate page on your website just for trainers to purchase kits and course packs, you can keep the name as a course pack. For your description, if it is on a public page, please do not mention this is a pack for trainers. You could name it something along the lines of an Kit Upgrade Pack, Kit Upgrade Bundle, etc.